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In 2012, there have been 28 cases of international trade friction against products from Guangzhou, involving over 190 export-oriented enterprises and an amount of about 230 million USD. The countries and regions which have initiated the investigations include the Europe Union, the United States, Canada, India, Australia and Peru.

Efforts have been paid to energetically construct the work system of trade remedy in accordance with the WTO rules, which have helped the enterprises in Guangzhou deal with international trade friction and have contributed to the protection of fair trade.

The mechanism joining the governmental departments, the industrial organizations and the involved enterprises has been set up to deal with international trade frictions: the government offices have provided the respondent enterprises with ad hoc legal trainings, professional legal consultation services, guidance on legal procedures, prevention strategies and practical operations, and analysis on hot issues; the chambers of commerce and the industrial associations have helped organize indictments answering, select and hire lawyers and respond with a demurrer on behalf of the whole industry; the respondent enterprises have actively protected their rights and interests.

The monitoring and early warning mechanism has been established through which relevant government offices provide the key export-oriented enterprises with prevention information and risk management services. In 2012, four volumes of briefings on fair trade have been compiled, over 30 early warning messages have been sent and over 300 items have been involved in products monitoring.

Led by the City of Guangzhou and joining 9 cities in the Pearl River Delta Region with relatively advanced economy and similar industrial structure, the cooperation mechanism has been set up to jointly collect and share information, answer indictments, hold training and organize special researches.

Guangzhou has taken to lead in China to establish the Technical Barriers of Trade (TBTs) which involve various government departments and are technically supported by the municipal Notification and Inquiry Center. To boost the key industries of the city, efforts have been paid to undertake friction forecasting and early warning under the TBTs scheme, cases notification and appraisal, exchanges and cooperation, publicity and training, customized service, database construction and special researches.

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