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Guangzhou Rich Human Resources

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At present, there are 79 colleges and universities in Guangzhou. 26 universities and research institutions offer graduate programs. The number of graduate students at school reaches 69,800; the number of students at universities and colleges is 896,100; and the number of students at secondary vocational school is 248,600. Guangzhou is the most influential city in South China in terms of higher education.

By the end of 2012, the number of employers who have been equipped with a college degree or above has reached 2.61 million. There have been 1.26 million professional and technical personnel. Guangzhou has ranked third in China in human resources aggregate and has had the highest growth rate in recent years.

There have been 77 academicians from the national Academy of Sciences Academy of Social Sciences, 31 candidates for the national level "New Century Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousands Personnel Scheme", and 3823 personnel eligible for special government allowances. Over 50,000 foreign experts have visited Guangzhou each year for academic exchanges. In line with the implementation of the strategy of rejuvenating the city through sciences and technologies, efforts have been paid to improve the policies and the innovation platform. The innovation of sciences and technologies and the hi-tech industries have been enjoying sustainable and rapid development.

Progress has also been made in bridging the gap with the developed countries and regions in the investment of research and development and in sciences and technologies.

Breakthroughs have been made in high power LED, high-end interchangeable core chips, 4G LTE (long-term evolution) wireless communication of high-speed data, RFID, car engines of self-own brands, high-end numerical control processing equipments, energy-efficient equipments, new drugs and medicines, stem cells technologies, and bio-medicine engineering, etc. A series of core technologies and important products with independent intellectual property rights have been developed.

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