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Business Setup Services

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About the "Business Incubator " , it is that a special machine to help perosn to establish new company. So about startup new business , of course it is about business startup. Citilinkia can supply the ideal service for business setup service, use the machine to make it much more easily .

Business Setup Services are offered by Tannet Group Limited esp. for China expats who want to establish and extend business in China. Tannet's business setup aservices include Hong Kong business setup services, China business setup services and offshore business setup services.

Hong Kong Business Setup Services
Tannet offers Hong Kong company registration, Hong Kong bank account opening, Hong Kong company annual return, Hong Kong company tax filing, Hong Kong trademark registration, Hong Kong work permit & visa application, as well as Hong Kong investment immigration services, etc.

China Business Setup Services
Tannet offers China company registration in form of WFOE/RO/JV/FIPE, China bank account opening, China company annual return, China company tax filing, China trademark registration, China work permit & visa application, as well as China company related  services.

Offshore Business Services
Tannet also provides China expats company registration and follow-up services in BVI, Samoa, Seychelles, Anguilla, Cayman, Korea, USA, UK, Dubai, Singapore as well as other ofshore countries.

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