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Guangzhou Company Import and Export License

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Pre-conditions for applying Guangzhou company import and export license
The company must have obtained Business License, National and Local Tax Registration Certificate and Organizational Code Certificate The business scope described on the business license must include import and export business. The company must pay tax according to law.

Documents Required for Guangzhou company import and export license
Business license (duplicate copy);
Organizational code certificate (duplicate copy);
National tax registration (duplicate copy);
Local tax registration License (duplicate copy);
The original of Bank License;
The copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association;
The copy of identification documents (ID card, passport) of legal representative;
Two colour photos of responsible workers;
The company stamp;
The original of lease contract;
The original of approval certificate ( only for WFOE );
The telephone number, fax number and email address of the company;
The English translation of company name and address.

Working Procedure of guangzhou company import and export license
Get the registration form of the foreign trading operators from Department of Foreign Trade and Economic;
Collect the registration form for ‘foreign trading operators’ from the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Department ( 5 working days );
Altering the National and Local Tax Licenses ( 2 working days );
Registering with Customs (4 working days );
Registering with the Administration of Foreign Exchange (4 working days );
Registering in Import and Export Commodities, Inspection Bureau (15 working days );
NOTICE: Requires between 30-35 working days.

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