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Guangzhou Intellectual Property Services

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Guangzhou intellectual property services are important for foreigners who setup business in China. Tannet Intellectual Property Services Centre offers the intellectual property (IP) services of trademark, patent and copyright in the form of registration and maintenance, protection and litigation, evaluation and transfer, industrial design and brand promotion, and other follow up matters.

Tannet’s professionals aim to assist local companies and inventors to capitalize on their intellectual works through patent, trademark and industrial design registrations, thereby protecting their intellectual rights.

Intellectual Property Protection in Guangzhou
Guangzhou has positioned itself as an intellectual property hub and attracted a group of key intellectual property projects to settle down, and has formed a system to ensure protection through the joint efforts of local administrative, judicial, arbitration, customs departments and guilds.

Guangzhou has been listed among national intellectual property demonstration cities, national trademark demonstration cities and national copyright model cities. It was also listed among the first batch of national intellectual property pilot cities and ranks first among 14 sub-provincial demonstration cities for its performance in IP protection.

In recent years, Guangzhou has seen an increasing growth in the numbers of patents, trademarks, and copyrights, leading other cities and regions in China. It has become an innovative smart city, and has beefed up its investment incentives for intellectual property protection.

Tannet’s Intellectual Property Services
1. IP Registration & Maintenance
This includes global trademark design, search, registration, renewal and assignment; global patent application, renewal and transfer; global copyright registration and renewal.

2. IP Protection & Litigation
This includes intellectual property consultation, protection, supervision, litigation, invalidation, and other related legal actions on counterfeit or infringement of the corporate intellectual property.

3. Brand Promotion & Planning
This provides you with its high-end intellectual property services, such as brand name & business concept positioning, market planning and promotion, brand licensing & franchising, trademark auction and transfer, and intangible asset evaluation.

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