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Foshan Foreign Invested Enterprise Registration

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Foshan foreign invested enterprise registration also referred to Foshan company registration (FIE). Foshan is a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong Province in southeastern China, which forms part of the western side of the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, which includes Guangzhou to the north and Shenzhen to the east. This growing city greatly welcomes all kinds of legal foreign investment.

Foreign invested enterprise refers to any one of a number of legal structures under which a company can participate in the foreign economy. In China, any one of a number of legal entities can be considered FIEs including equity joint ventures (EJV), cooperative joint ventures (CJV), wholly-owned foreign enterprises (WFOE) and foreign-invested companies limited by shares (FCLS).

Professional consulting agency with extensive on-the-ground knowledge and expertise in China like Tannet can greatly facilitate the process for you in both the pre-establishment and post-establishment stages.

Registered Capital for FIEs
Registered capital for FIEs in China is an important issue for foreign investors to know. When establishing a FIE in China, investors face a number of strategic considerations that can have long-term effects on their businesses including determining the right amount of registered capital to commit to the company.

In most cases, registered capital funds the FIE until it begins generating enough income to cover its expenses, which can often be a matter of years. China’s strict foreign exchange controls mean injecting additional capital to fund operational expenses can be challenging during the early stages of a business.

Name of a FIE
The name of a FIE should consist of four parts: trade name, industry, organization form and location. The trade name, industry and organization form must be listed in that sequence. Subject to approval by the SAIC, the name of an FIE may contain no reference to its location.

General Procedures for Establishing an FIE in Foshan
(1) Pre-registration of FIE's name with SAIC;
(2) Project approval from NDRC environment impact assessment by relevant authority;
(3) Approval for establishment from MOFCOM additional approvals might be required for certain sectors;
(4) FIE registration and obtaining business license from SAIC;
(5) Apply for organization code certificate, obtain approval to make company seal, seek permission to open foreign exchange account and tax registration;
(6) Registration with other authorities such as statistics, customs, labour and social security.

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