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Guangzhou Company Establishment (JV)

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Guangzhou company establishment (JV), also known as Guangzhou company registration, Guangzhou corporate formation, Guangzhou business setup, is a good choice for foreign investors to invest in China. Joint venture (JV) is a legal entity formed between two or more parties to undertake an economic activity together. The JV parties agree to create, for a finite time, a new entity and new assets by contributing equity. They then share in the revenues, expenses and assets and "control" of the enterprise. Chinese party should be enterprises.

General Registration Procedure
(1) Fill out the application form (sign the agreement);
(2) Company name search & confirmation;
(3) Pay for the services;
(4) Submit the needed documents;
(5) Check the documents;
(6) Prepare for the statutory documents;
(7) Sign the documents personally, and then submit all the documents to the government;
(8) Finish processing in 40-80 working days; (it depends on the registered address and business scope)
(9) Hand over all the company kit to clients;
(10) Sign the receipt.

Advantages for registering a JV in Guangzhou
Ability to formally carry on business rather than just a representative office function;
Issue invoices to their customers in RMB and receive RMB revenues; Convert RMB profits to US dollars for remittance to their parent company outside;
Cheap labor, which can lower your cost;
Greater efficiency in its operations, management and future development.

Documents Required
1. For Oversea Investor
(1) Copy of the business license or certificate of overseas parent company;
(2) Two original bank reference letters (from investor's bank) indicating foreign investors' creditability, valid period is 6 months;
(3) Three original company notarization documents (verify information of your company is true by local lawyer or government, and then endorse by China Embassy or Consulate);
(4) Company stamp (reserved for the usage of application materials under seal);
(5) One copy of latest company auditor report (for the company over one year history).

2. For Chinese Investor
(1) All license of the Chinese company;
(2) Company stamp of Chinese company (reserved for the usage of application materials under seal);
(3) One copy of latest auditor report. (for the company over one year history)

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