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China Company Secretary Service

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China Company Secretary Service/Corporate Secretarial Service
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China company secretary service is one of Tannet's business services. In China, every listed company is required to have a board secretary. According to article 124 of 2005 Company Law, every listed company is required to have a secretary to the board of directors. The responsibilities of board secretary include preparing meetings of shareholders and boards of directors, maintaining company records and shareholders information, dealing with information disclosure etc.

The introduction of China and ongoing changes in the legal environment brought about an unprecedented need for companies to implement rigorous internal controls and ensure effective management of legal entities on a global basis. This has become one of the major challenges facing multinational corporations and an onerous responsibility for Company directors.

What's more, company directors are under increasing pressure of changing legislative requirements governing the administration of their companies and keeping up-to-date and compliant is more complex and time-consuming than ever before. Corporate secretarial services can assist clients to manage and mitigate risks of corporate non-compliance.

In addition, the accomplishment of business goals of a company lies not only on the right choice of the registered place, but also on sound corporate governance and prompt decision-making in response to the market. Corporate secretarial services can help guide you through the challenges and changes, easing your administrative burden and allowing you to focus on running your business.

We, Tannet, provide our clients with related supporting services in the course of company development, and enable the company to reduce operating costs and devote resources for market expansion.

Tannet Services Include:
Hong Kong Corporate Secretarial Service;
Business and Investment Arrangement;
Investment Promotion Arrangement in HK & Overseas;
Bank Account Opening Service;
Worldwide Trademark Registration;
Patent and Copy Right Protection;
Business Plan Draft;
Labor Contract Draft;
Market Study;
Payroll Services;
Financial Consulting and Business Legal Consulting;
Working Visa;
Nominee Service;
HK Company Liquidation Deregistration;
China Company Deregistration;
Insolvency Liquidation.

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