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What Are the Components of A Complete Product Manual?

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What are the components of a complete product manual, welcome to consult: 18101649652

After the product is designed, it is time to make the product manual. The manual is one of the essential parts of a product, the following is an introduction of how to write the product manual.

The structure of the product manual is usually composed of three parts: title, text and manufacturing enterprise. The text is the theme and core part of the product manual, and the last part is the basic information of the manufacturing enterprise.

1. The title
The complete title is usually composed of the trademark, model and name of the product or the description object plus the language "instruction" or "instruction manual", and some can be directly written in the language. The title is generally put in the first line of the instruction, should pay attention to visual effect, can have different body design.

2. The text
The text is the main part of the product manual, is the core of the product design purpose, raw material formula, technical requirements, process modeling, performance characteristics, efficiency, use, maintenance, precautions and other contents. Common subjects have the following contents:
1. Overview 2. Indicators 3. Structure 4. Features 5. Methods 6. Matching 7. Matters 8. Maintenance 9. Responsibility
As for what to write in detail, what to write less or not to write, depending on the specific situation of the product. Food and drug products require instructions on production and expiration dates, and some special product instructions require detailed illustrations.

3. Manufacturing Enterprise
Indicate the name, address, telephone number, postal code and email of the producer or distribution unit, so as to facilitate the necessary contact of consumers. It is usually placed at the end of the article or under the cover title.

The function of product manual
(1) Spread knowledge. When the instruction is accompanied by the product face to the consumer group, its new knowledge and new technology will be understood by people.
(2) Guide consumption. The instruction book objectively introduces and scientifically explains the contents of goods or services, so as to understand the characteristics of products and master the operation procedures of products, so as to achieve the purpose of scientific consumption.
(3) Promote the enterprise. While the manual introduces the product, it also promotes the enterprise, so it has the nature of advertising.

Features of product manual
1. Scientific
Product is the result of science and production practice, to a certain extent reflects the level of contemporary science and technology, is a practical representative of science and technology.

2. Organization
Because of the different culture, geography, life, environment and so on, people still have differences in understanding of the content of the product manual. Therefore, when the product manual states the various elements of the product, there should be a gradual order from shallow to deep.

3. Popularity
Many consumers do not have professional knowledge, it is necessary to use simple and popular language, clearly introduce products, so that consumers use products with ease, matters needing attention, maintenance is convenient and fast.

4. Practical
To emphasize the practicality of products, the purpose is to highlight the important index of "mine is better than yours", which is conducive to highlight the advantages of products and help consumers to use products.

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