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China Trademark Opposition Services

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A China trademark will turn into an opposition or publication period after first reviewed and approved by examiners in China trademark office during the substantial period. In another words, at the end of the examination process, if your application meets all of the criteria for registration, the examiner will publish your application for “opposition”, then the publication period begins.

Who can oppose a trademark?
Anyone was a “real” or “legitimate” interest in the proceeding may oppose a trademark. Generally, this means that the opposer must have a direct and personal stake in the outcome, and the belief must be reasonable and reflect a real interest in the issue. 

Reasons for opposition to a trademark
A party can oppose a trademark a variety of reasons, but the most frequent is based on a likelihood of confusion. Typically, trademark owners take advantage of trademark monitoring services that alert them when someone is trying to register a similar trademark for similar goods and services. They, along with their trademark attorneys, will look at the mark to see if would potentially hurt their trademark registration.

The thing you need for an opposition is hiring a trademark attorney Asap
It is important to consider engaging a trademark attorney to represent you in responding to a Notice of Opposition. It can be incredibly difficult for a trademark owner to respond to a Notice of Opposition and continuously meet all the requirements of the opposition proceeding without the assistance of an attorney.
Chinese Official Trademark Gazette is published weekly. Our TM watch service consists on weekly monitoring of said Official TM Gazette, in order to send a timely and immediate alert to our clients on any identical or confusingly similar third party Trademark applications.
The deadline to file an opposition in China is a three-month period, starting from the date of publication of the TM Official Gazette. Oppositions are decided in an approximate ten-month period, starting from their filing date.

What Tannet could do for you?
Tannet will provide you legal services of filing, prosecution, renewal, licensing and assignment for a trademark. Besides basic legal services, we also provide our clients with an up to date, monitoring and reporting service on any identical or confusingly similar third party Trademark applications, in order to file oppositions against any possibly conflicting registrations.

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