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China Barcode Renewal

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China barcode renewal occurs when the validity of the registered barcode expires. For companies intending to break into the Mainland market, top-tier department stores are effective channels to promote brand names and boost sales. There are several different types of barcode standards for different purposes - these are called symbologies. Each type of symbology (or barcode type) is a standard that defines the printed symbol and how a device such as a barcode scanner reads and decodes the printed symbol. Enterprise can enhance market competition ability when its product added international trade goods code. 

Application Criterion for China Barcode Renewal
Product barcodes are valid for two years, and members should lodge an application for renewal three months prior to the expiry date.

Information Needed for China Barcode Renewal
1. China Product Barcode System Membership Certificate or China Product Barcode System Membership Certificate (Renewal);
2. photocopies of the business licence;
3. proof of fee payment;
4. a duly completed application form with company stamp affixed.

Processing Procedures
1. Applicants should fill out the Registration Form for Renewal of Membership of the China Product Barcode System in duplicate copies with company stamp affixed;
2. Information verified as complete will be submitted to the Article Numbering Center of China (ANCC) for processing;
3. Upon approval of the application, applicants will be issued the China Product Barcode System Membership Certificate (Renewal).

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