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China Business License Renewal

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China business license renewal is  a must for many companies in China. A company license is an official documents of a business entity in China like Corporate of incorporation in other countries, it's an essential documents to state a company's basic but important information such as company's name in Chinese, incorporation date, registration address, scope of business, registered capital, investor. When doing business, it’s important to check when the company license expires. This is stated on the business license as the ‘period of operation’ with a start and end date.

Business License Renewal Requirements
Due to recent changes in SAIC requirements, the company business license of the Chinese entities will need to be renewed to a new version. Although a relatively straightforward process, to renew the business license the entity needs to submit a standard Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) application form (which is different by cities/provinces), affixed with its company seal, and return the original business license to the competent AIC for the renewal. The application form applicable can be downloaded from the competent AIC’s website.

Business License Renewal Documents
The renewal business license will be issued within 1-5 working days. When submitting the application, the presenter will need to bring along the following documents:
1. The sealed AIC form;
2. The original business license, original and duplicate;
3. The presenter’s ID card, original and one copy.

A Chinese company business license can provide a great deal of information about the company. Business licenses are granted for a period of years. Although unless the company has been in transgression of the law licenses are usually renewed, it pays to make sure you know when the Chinese business license is up for renewal, just in case.

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