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China High-tech Enterprise Identification

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China high-tech enterprise identification aims at further promoting economic transformation. The Chinese government has formulated a series of preferential measures to encourage enterprises to declare high-tech enterprises. High-tech enterprises refer to resident enterprises registered in China that continue to carry out research and development and transformation of technological achievements in the "High-tech Fields Supported by the Country" to form the company's core independent intellectual property rights and conduct business activities.

Benefits of High-tech Enterprise Identification in China
Enterprises that have been identified will receive a 15% corporate income tax rate concession and other financial subsidies. In addition, as a rare national qualification certification, high-tech enterprises can effectively improve the scientific and technological R&D management of enterprises, and enhance their brand influence and competitiveness.

Requirements on High-tech Enterprise Identification
1. Registered for more than one year;
2. With core intellectual property;
3. The enterprise plays a core supporting role in its main products or services in technology;
4. The proportion of the number of scientific and technical personnel engaged in R&D and related technological innovation activities to the total number of employees in the company for the year is not less than 10%;
5. The proportion of total research and development expenses in the past three years to total sales revenues in the same period has met the corresponding requirements;
6. The proportion of high-tech products or service revenues to the company's total revenues over the same period is not less than 60% for the recent year;
7. Evaluation of corporate innovation capabilities meets corresponding requirements;
8. No major safety, quality accidents or serious environmental violations have occurred for the recent year.

Procedures for High-tech Enterprise Identification
(1) Self-assessment and application by the enterprise;
(2) Submission of the following application materials;
(3) Compliance review;
(4) Recognition, announcement and record filing.

Tannet can help enterprise handle the high-tech enterprise identification as long as the relevant requirements are met. We are also glad to assist in intellectual property protection in China, including trademark , patent and copyright, as well as customs recordation.

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