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China Accountant

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Although there have been advancements in establishing international accounting standards, measures still vary greatly from country to country and China is no exception. Tannet’s professional China accounting services will help your company well comply with the stricter China accounting principles and make sure your organization remains in compliance with China’s Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), depending on your organization’s structure.

Taking advantage of Tannet’s local and international expertise, our team of accountants is able to provide a wide range of expert knowledge on China accounting services to address our clients’ China accounting issues. With years of experience of China accounting services, Tannet’s accountants have a deep understanding of the complexities of the financial system in China and keep your company’s accounting practices in compliance with rapidly evolving accounting systems, letting you concentrate on your company’s business strategies.

Getting and retaining reliable financial staff is difficult. Historically high turnover rate causes some companies, especially those are recently established, suffer from skill gaps and shortages, potentially affecting quality and reliability of their financial statements. Tannet has dedicated financial staff whom you can outsource and use our China accounting services and China bookkeeping services. 

While other companies will only perform regular China accounting services to comply with laws and regulations, Tannet’s accountants in China will work closely with your company to keep your financial information accurate as your business grows.  Tannet’s accounting team can provide a wide array of China accounting services including vouchers, general ledgers and monthly reports depending on your requirements.  Tannet’s accountants pride themselves on being an integral part of our clients' business success by providing management with key accounting information so that can make better informed decisions.

In this scenario, TANNET can assist with China accounting services, including:
• Accounting, financial reporting and consolidation;
• The preparation of management and statutory accounts;
• Arranging audits;
• VAT advice, registration and related services;
• Financial modeling and forecasting;
• Preparation of business plans;
• Preparation and filling of tax returns;
• Tax computation and submission;
• Debt analysis and recovery services.

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