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Trademark Transfer in China

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Trademark transfer refers to that the owner of the trademark voluntarily apply for transfer his or her registration trademark or trademark application to others by the condition of signed the Contract of Transfer. If you’re moving on to a new business, you may be thinking of selling your trademarks or copyrighted work to generate some extra cash. But in order to sell the rights over your Intellectual Property to another owner, you need to formally assign the rights with the appropriate government office.

There are a variety of reasons why you may want to transfer ownership of your federally registered trademark (e.g. business acquisition or reorganization). Below is a brief introduction to trademark transfer in China.

Ways for Trademark Transfer in China
Specifically speaking, there are commonly three ways to transfer the trademark right from the holder to another party:
1) To assign the trademark right by an assignment contract, i.e. the owner of a trademark assigns the registered mark by signing an assignment contract with the assignee;
2) To assign the trademark right by inheritance;
3) To assign the trademark right by executive order.

Required Materials
You may sell or otherwise transfer your trademark to another owner. The change in trademark ownership must be recorded in the Trademark Register. The following documents are needed for transfer application.

a) Application form for transfer
b) Identify certificate for the two parties of trademark transfer (ID cards or Business License.)
c) Sign the Trademark Proxy.( joint Entrustment for the two parties of trademark transfer.)
d) The contract of trademark transfer.
e) Copy of trademark registration certificate

Note: all the signature and seal of the transferor shall be the same. In case the transfer application does not comply with the law, the Trademark Office will notify the applicant via mailing to supplement and correct in due course. For example, submit the notarized or certified transfer agreement or statement of transfer.

Service Charges and Processing Time
The fees for trademark transfer is highly dependent on the characteristics of the case to be managed; we will prepare a quotation for your particular needs upon receipt of your order form.

In general, it will take about 6 months to 10 months from filing an application for trademark assignment to getting the certificate of approval of trademark assignment issued by the China Trademark Office.

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