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How to Name A New Company in China

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Steps for naming your business
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How to name a company in China, or how to pick a proper name for your Chinese company is an important piece of knowledge for foreign investors who're intending on starting a business in China. There is a certain set of rules that must be followed when naming a new company. Often, a company's most important marketing decision in China is localizing its name. As experts said, the right Chinese name should tell the brand's story.

Step1: Listing a List of Names
Once you are confident you’d know a good name if you saw one, you need to come up with a few keywords to get you started. You probably already have a few in mind. If you don’t, you should probably go back to the last step. If you’re still lost, look for successful competitors and rapid-growth companies and use them for inspiration.

Besides, if you really really cannot think about those names or do not sure which name is better, you may turn to some consulting company, many of which provide such services. Of course, you can contact Tannet.

Step2: Narrow It Down to a Few Decent Names
Now the mind-numbing part of it all - combing through the list of names. Try to avoid the temptation to get caught up in this stage. Every startup name will have pros and cons to varying degrees. There is no real process at this point to what names you should be picking - just save the ones that sound decent. Try to find 25 out of them that you think are decent, then whittle those down to 15… Then 10 Then 5… Then move onto the next step.

Step3: Find Out Which One Is Perfect
The next part is to see which name is the best. It seems everybody thinks they should get their naming advice from friends, family or professionals. The company name must be different than any other company registered in your same kind of business. So you’d better abide by the advice of those professionals for the sake of safety.

As a small business, you're likely willing to be a little bolder in your choice of names. You want to choose a name that will last and, if possible, will embody both your values and your company's distinguishing characteristics. If you need help, feel free to contact Tannet.

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