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Chengdu Corporate Formation (JV)

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Chengdu joint venture formation is a popular for foreigners who come to invest in Chengdu. Joint Venture (JV) is the enterprise that foreign companies, enterprises and other economic organizations or individuals to establish equity joint venture together with Chinese companies, enterprise and other economic organizations within the territory of the People's Republic of China, on the principle of equality and subject to approval by the Chinese Government. Both parties to the venture shall share the profits, risks and losses in proportion to their contributions to the registered capital.

Company name for JV in Chengdu
Name of Joint Venture can not be repeated. The industry is related with the registered capital. You should prepare more than 3 names. The format of names: Chengdu+ brand’s name + business field + limited company, or brand’s name + Chengdu + business field + limited company. E.g. TANNET Group (Chengdu) Limited Company.

Registered and Paid-up Capital & Shareholders
(1) For the trading enterprises, the registered capitals are usually required as much as 500,000RMB or above; (the lowest capital is 30,000RMB)
(2) For the manufacturing enterprise, the registered capitals are usually required 1 million RMB or above;
(3) For the company of consultancy, technology, market research and development, the registered capitals are usually required RMB100, 000 or above;

Notes: (1) The foreign investors should invest more than 25% of capital. At the first stage, the two sides should pay 20% of capital amount in three months after getting the Business License; the left should be paid within 2 years.
(2) The Chinese investors must be a company; the foreign investors can be natural person or legal person.

Time -frame for Chengdu Joint Venture Formation
(1) For manufacturing enterprise: 20-50 working days will be finished. (Count the time after the approval of environment & fire and the detailed time depends on the operation type)
(2) For the trading enterprise: 20-40 working days will be finished.
(The detailed time depends on the operation type)

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