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Chengdu Company Registration

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Chengdu (“Rong” for short) is the provincial capital of Sichuan and an important central city in Central and Western China. It is also called “the City of Brocade” or “the City of Brocade Officials”. It has been known as “the land of abundance” since ancient times. Chengdu governs nine districts, four county-level cities, and six counties, covering a total area of 12,100 sq. km. It has a registered population of 11.63 million and permanent population of 15.32 million, being the fourth largest megalopolis in China.

Chengdu Company Registration Forms of Companies
1.  Chengdu Company Registration(WFOE)
The Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, abbreviated WFOE, is a common investment vehicle for mainland Chengdu-based business.

2.  Chengdu Company Registration (RO)
A Chinese representative office (RO) is an institute setup in Chengdu, representing its parent corporate for liaison with Chinese counterparts.

3.  Chengdu Company Registration(CJV)
CJVs can be established either as a limited liability company as a non-legal person, in which the partners are subject to unlimited liability and thus entirely liable for any losses.

4.  Chengdu Company Registration(EJV)
The corporate form of an EJV is the limited liability company, which possesses the status of a Chinese legal person.

5.  Chengdu Company Registration(FIPE)
The Foreign Invested Partnership Enterprise (FIPE) is a unlimited liability business entity without minimum requirements on registered capital.

Chengdu Company Registration--Major Procedures of Registration
1. Fill out the application form (sign the agreement);
2. Company name search & confirmation;
3. Pay for the services;
4. Submit the needed documents;
5. Check the documents;
6. Prepare for the statutory documents; Let the investors sign the documents personally, and then submit all the documents to the government
7. Keep clients informed of the processing.
8. Finish processing in 30-50 working days; (it depends on the registered address and business scope)
9. Hand over all the company kit to clients;
10. Sign the receipt.

Chengdu Company Registration--Services Packages
1. Obtaining a detailed credit report on a Chinese company;
2. Introducing possible joint-venture partners;
3. Market research and feasibility study;
4. Attending to corporate and personal tax registration;
5. Assistance in finding office space;
6. Staff Recruitment;
7. Opening of bank accounts in local and foreign currencies;
8. Book keeping and arranging for audit of accounts.

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