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Chengdu Company Registration (WFOE)

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Chengdu company registration (WFOE) is a popular choice for foreigners who want to do businesses in China. Chengdu is one of the primary hubs of commerce, industry and trade. The city has gained a very modern outlook and is rapidly developing. If you want to invest in Chengdu China, you don't turn to the relevant government departments for so many certificates and formalities, but just turn to Tannet. We will offer you with tailor-made services for your need.

Reasons for Chengdu WFOE Registration
The activities of the Company will be limited to the defined scope of business. Other scope of business still requires registered Capital. Please note, it is still might be a good idea to register investment capital the forming a Company in Chengdu because:

1. To incorporate the Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Chengdu more rapidly.
2. Additional wanted permits may require a registered investment Capital.
3. Chinese government officials and the companies cooperation partner will may pay attention to register capital which is printed on the Business License.

Chengdu WFOE Registration Registered Capital
Now in Chengdu there is no minimum general registered investment capital required for WFOE’s if have the business scope of consulting, Trading, retailing, and information technology. For forming Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Chengdu, it is suitable to choose registered capital from 100,000 CNY to- 500,000 CNY as the minimum registered capital for the business range of Service WFOE , Consulting WFOE, or Hi-Tech WFOE formation in Chengdu.

Chengdu WFOE Registration Procedures
Foreign investors are not permitted to directly submit the application documents of incorporate a WFOE to the relevant authority in Chengdu. They must retain a PRC entity that is authorized or permitted by relevant authorities to act as a sponsor. The sponsor will submit all the documents to the examination and approval authorities on behalf of the foreign investor. Procedures for setting up a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in Chengdu are the following:

1. Name registration with Chengdu Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC);
2. Certificate of Approval by Chengdu Municipal commission of commerce;
3. Apply for Business License with SAIC;
4. Chops made by Public Security Bureau (PSB) of Chengdu;
5. Organization Code License by Chengdu Technical Supervision Bureau (TSB);
6. Tax Certificate by Taxation Bureau of Chengdu;
7. Registration and Approval with State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE);
8. Open foreign currency and RMB bank account;
9. Inject capital from investor’s overseas bank account;
10. Capital Verification Report by Certified Public Accountant (CPA);
11. Apply for permanent Business License with SAIC;
12. Financial certificate registration;
13. Statistics license registration;
14. Import/Export license (applicable for Trading & Manufacturing WFOE).

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