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Chengdu Work Visa Application

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If you want to invest in Chengdu China, a work visa is required. For work visa application, you don't have to turn to the relevant government departments for so many certificates and formalities, but just turn to Tannet. At Tannet you not only get our tailor-made services for your need, but also for your satisfaction. TANNET’s services are business-orientated and value-orientated. Tannet — serving the world of BPO, ITO and KPO businesses sincerely and professionally.

I. Overview of Chengdu
With more frequent exchanges between China and international world, an increasing number of expats have flooded into China for investment, business and work. In order that expats could have a better understanding for business or work conduct compliance in China, Tannet would like to provide you a guide to the application as below: 

II. Prerequisite for Expats Employment
1. An adult with healthy body;
2. Related work experience and professional qualifications;
3. Applying for employment certificate;
4. Applying for residence permit.

V. Time Frame and Service Charges
Time Frame: around 3-4 months
Service Charges: RMB7000+/each person

VI. Tannet Advantages
1. TANNET has established a global service system with 38 branches and 3000 cooperators worldwide, as well as in excess of 60,000 reliant clients globally. You can find one TANNET always beside you.
2. TANNET is staffed with a strong professional team of lawyers, accountants, engineers, designers and consultants providing tailor-made and all-in-one service.
3. There is a B2B business platform available for the international buyers and sellers of SMEs,
4. TANNET is the best partner with international banks, financial institutes. TANNET also provide PIPO service.
5. TANNET is in conformity of the standard of ISO9001/2008. That means the service quality is guaranteed.

VII. Important Hints
1. Because of language difference, all the documents submitted to the Chinese government should be translated into Chinese and endorsed by the appointed translation agency.
2. TANNET is responsible to inform the clients for the collection of the company kit at the designated office. If the clients fail to collect the company kit within the mandatory three month period without reasonable excuse, the client will be regarded as forfeiting the right to the registered company; TANNET can dispose the company as it wishes.
3. Make sure to get the formal invoice from the lesser after office leasing is done.
4. The follow-up business services are not included in the service package, and are subject to further charge according to the clients’ requirements.

VIII. Contact Us
If you have further queries, don’t hesitate to contact Tannet anytime, anywhere by simply visiting Tannet’s website, or calling Hong Kong hotline at 852-27826888 or China hotline at 86-28-86676605 or emailing to You are also welcome to visit our office with the address in Unit 1303, 13/F,Shidai Fengshang Bldg. 123 Caoshi St. Qingyang Dis. Chengdu China.

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