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Beijing Foreign Subsidiary Set Up

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In international business,subsidiary means the parent company put all stock or part to set up the incorporation enterprise legally  in the host country of all world. Subsidiary is the independence out of the parent company by law and has the independent and completed company management organization system.

Advantages of Beijing Foreign Subsidiary Set up:
Beijing is the capital of PRC, the Municipality of central government, the political center and cultural center of whole country, the center of communication which among China and other countries in politic, economy, science and culture for high class, the largest business and industrial city on the north of China.

Beijing Foreign Subsidiary Set up: company’s name
In China company’s name has some limits. At same industry,except the repetition of company’s name also include the word size. Each name should be effective by passed and pre-saved in commercial department. Named should be considered by many factors: such as the word of level of city should be audited in the unit of higher level; carried the word of level province should be audited in the unit of province; carried the word of China should be audited in the commercial department of China

The operation procedure of Beijing Foreign subsidiary:
a. Delegation: the letter of entrustment(signing the agreement)-name verification-delivery payment-submission of required information-audit data-to the relevant government department-inform the process-about 40working days(depending on registered time and industry time )-inform the customer to collect the data-pay the balance-sign for

b. Customer procedure: overseas investors board resolution-provide approved name information-define business scope-lawyer notarization and certification by the Chinese embassy in the country-submit bank reference-provide Beijing registered address information(production office need to consider the fire protection and environment protection  )-provide identification document of legal representative,director and supervisor-signing of legal documents-assist in opening an account-transfer the investment amount from the investor to the capital account(indicating the investment amount )-
capital verification-for post approval(if needed)

c. The government process:name approved by the municipal supervision bureau-Internet report-the document is signed and submitted-business license-making seal-public security bureau record-the business committee for record-apply for an electronic business license-bank account opening(client'solo)-tax reporting

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