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Beijing Business License Renewal

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Beijing Business License Renewal
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Business license renewal in Beijing are permits issued by government agencies that allow individuals or companies to conduct business within the government's geographical jurisdiction. To register in Mainland China, companies are required to apply to the relevant authorities for a business license. This application is usually made at the company’s local Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC). If and when the company is issued a business license, they will receive their business licence in the form of a certificate. All companies in Mainland China should be registered and have such a certificate.

Information Contained on a China Business License
China’s business license certificates are only available in Chinese writing which makes it difficult to comprehend for most foreigners. In simple terms, the license contains the key details of the company’s registration and specifies details such as:

Registration Number;
Official Company Name;
Company Type;
Registered Address;
Legal Representative;
Registered Capital;
Date of Establishment;
License Expiry Date;
Business Scope;
Registration Bureau.

Documents Required for Business License Renewal
1. Original duplicate of Business License and copy of business license;
2. Copy of ID card of the legal representative for legal entity;
3. Original and copy of responsible person;
4. Original and copy Organization Code Certificate;
5. Original and copy of changing notice issued by Industrial and Commercial Bureau for the alteration company name;
6. Certificate of the lost for business license reissue.

Note: business license renew application shall be submit within a month before expire. And the signature of legal representative shall in line with the signature recorded in the Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

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