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Beijing Foreign RO Set Up

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The RO in China for foreign merchant is a business communicating institute for the representative of parent company. So the RO is not the individual existence of incorporation, it cannot do the benefited business activity directly. For example, it cannot sign any contract about purchasing and selling, it also cannot get the income of deserved service, no invoicing and no withdrawing for abroad.

But RO could create the bank account and hire the worker for the destination of business communication. The headquarter of company can sign the contract with customers and supplier in RO but only the name of parent company, no business activity from the name of RO. But headquarter’s businesses can make the communication by RO for the function by pushing.

Beijing foreign RO set up: The advantage of RO for foreign investors
Beijing is the center for foreign trade and international exchange. Now the advantage in construction domain and the good investment environment is magnificent. For some foreign investors that just come into the detected market in China, Setting up the RO is the best solution.

NO requirement of registered capital; it is simple for following-up of the management. There  isn’t any directed business activity and signing agreement prohibitively between the foreign merchant RO and users or customers.

Beijing foreign RO set up: The paperwork for stable foreign merchant RO
1.The related material about chair representative and representatives
2.The CV about chair representative and representatives
3.Five pieces of one inch certificated photo for every representatives
4.The invoice of renting
5.The copy of property management license with business seal
6.The certification for the address located in BEIJING(The address is must be the business house)
7.The legal opening certificate of sending company that is given by the representative institute for HONG KONG MACO and TAIWAN. The in HONG KONG need to supply the issued copy of BUSINESS REGISTRATION that is given by the HONGKONG tax department at same time.

If you want to register a RO as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to contact Tannet anytime, anywhere by simply calling Beijing hotline at 86-10-58697539 or Wechat:134 6639 2379 or emailing to You are also welcome to visit our office situated in Room 1902, building 17,Jianwai SOHO, Chaoyang District ,Beijing.

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