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Beijing Domestic-Funded Company Registration

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Beijing Domestic-Funded Company is formed with state assets, collective assets or domestic personal assets entirely in China, also called Beijing Domestic-Funded enterprise. It is the most popular registered entity form  for domestic investors in Beijing. It include state-owned enterprise, collective enterprise, private enterprise,  joint venture and joint-stock association.

In accordance with the company laws, State Administration for Beijing Market Regulation and Beijing Market Supervision and Administration are responsible for registration of companies.

Beijing Branch Registration: Government Procedure-same with procedure of Beijing WFOE Registration
Name authorization→ application on the Beijing Market Supervision and Administration→ record in the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce→document signed and submitted→ business license→ making official seal(record in the Public Security Bureau)→applying for electronic business license→ opening bank accounts→ tax registration

Beijing Domestic-Funded Company Registration:Company Name
A Company Name generally consists of four successive parts:the administrative divisions +industry characteristics +size+ form of organization.
Example 1:Administrative Division + size + Industry characteristics + form of organization
Example 2: Size + (Beijing)+Industry characteristics + corporation
Example 3: Size ++Industry characteristics + (Beijing) + corporation

Beijing Domestic-Funded Company Registration:Shareholder and Director
1.A shareholder could be a legal person (China company) or a natural person (Chinese individual).
2.Shareholder shall conclude at least one legal person (China company) or a natural person (Chinese individual),not more than 50.
2. A director could be acted by Chinese person. above the age of 18
3. Directors shall conclude at least one natural person (Chinese individual),not more than 50.

Beijing Domestic-Funded Company Registration: Registered Capital
After March 1, 2014, Beijing company registration regulations were implemented, which changed the paid-in system of registered capital into the subscription system of registered capital, without the requirement of the registered capital. For some special industries, a special pre-approved license is needed according to relevant industry regulation, such as movie production,paid-up registered capital shall be RMB 3 million .

Beijing Domestic-Funded Company Registration:Total time
1 day if all the required materials are prepared

Beijing Domestic-Funded Company Registration:Application Documents
1.《Application form for company name pre-approval》 signed by all the shareholders;
2.Indentification of Shareholders of legal person or natural person;
Real-name authentication is required if the shareholders and legal representatives are natural person;
3.Appointed letter of designated representatives or jointly entrusted agent, also their indentification and qualification are required;
4. Articles of association;
5. Application for Establishment of Domestic Enterprise signed by all the legal representatives;
6. Indentification ,appoint letter or employed letter of supervisor, manager, and executative directors
7 Indentification and incumbency of legal representative , the certificate of using the new set up company property (including the agreement that rent a house, house property copy).

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