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Beijing Branch Registration

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A branch is a business entity, but not a legal person, it affiliated to the parent company and managed by it, which means it does not have legal and economic independence. Without its own name, articles of association or asset, its civil liability shall be borne by the parent company, and its liability for the debts also shall be borne by the assets of the parent company.

In accordance with the company laws, State Administration for Beijing Market Regulation and Beijing Market Supervision and Administration are responsible for registration of companies.

Beijing Branch Registration: Government Procedure-same with procedure of Beijing RO registration
Name authorization→ application on the Beijing Market Supervision and Administration→ document signed and submitted→ business license→ making official seal(record in the Public Security Bureau)→applying for electronic business license→ opening bank accounts→ tax registration

Beijing Branch Registration: Pre-approval of branch company name
The name of a branch company consists of two parts: parent company name+ Beijing branch.

Beijing Branch Registration: Business scope
It is in accordance with its parent company. It is necessary to get ratification of State administration for market regulation for retail industry.

Beijing Branch Registration: Materials required in the State administration for market regulation registration
1.Articles of association of parent company(copy);
2.Identification card of legal representative(copy);
3.Business license of its parent company;
4. Identification card of the principal of Beijing branch (1copy ), photoes 2;
5. Application for Establishment of Foreign-funded Enterprise;
6. Certification of registered housing property;
7.Company secretary assigned by Beijing branch, Registration Form for Enterprise Secretaries signed by the principal of Beijing Branch;
8.Application for seal engraving  stamped by its parent company and signed by legal representative;
9.Other registered materials of its parent company not listed above.

Beijing Branch Registration: Materials of opening bank accounts after registration
1.Business license of Beijing branch and its copy;
2. Identification card of the principal of Beijing Branch and its copy;
3.Power of attorney signed by the principal of Beijing branch;
4. Identification card of the legal representative of Beijing branch and its copy;
With the above materials, you shall go to the bank to open a bank account. If you want to know more detailed information, do not hesitate contact us.

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