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Shenzhen Tax Filing Documents Guide

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Once your Shenzhen company is officially registered, it's required to maintain proper accounting records in accordance with accounting standards in Shenzhen China and to report taxes on both monthly (for business tax, individual income tax) and quarterly (corporate income tax) basis. Late submissions will face penalties and surcharges.

Tannet’s accounting team can assist you to do the monthly accounting and bookkeeping, as well as submit the tax reports monthly, quarterly and yearly on your behalf. All you have to do by your side is to prepare and send the documents to us according to the list below.

1. Company Documents:
a. Copies of the company formation certificate /license.
b. Company transfer information (if any).
c. Copies of the company transfer information (if any).
d. Copy of capital verification report (if any).
e. Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau & Municipal State Administration of Taxation tax return password. (This document is not required if the new company was set up in Tannet).
f. Shenzhen Local Taxation Bureau tax return CD or system (This document is not required if the new company was set up in Tannet).

2. Bank Documents:
a. Bank statements.
b. Payment notice, deposit slip and bank slip.

3. Sales& Purchase:
a. Sales: sales invoice.
b. Purchase: Purchase invoice.

4. Expenditure Fee:
a. Office expense, phone bill, transportation expenses, travel expense, advertising expense ect.
b. Payroll (Tannet can provide format).
c. List of social security & housing fund cost (This item can be shown in the payroll).
d. Leasing cost: office leasing cost, car rental costs (provide the leasing contract/ vouchers/invoice).
e. Fixed Assets: office equipments purchase invoices, car purchase invoices and Property purchase invoice ect.

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