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How to Register a Shenzhen WFOE Using a Legal Entity

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Does your company want to start a Shenzhen WFOE branch? Wonder what are the requirements? Tannet can assist you with this.

Lists for Shenzhen WFOE Formation(Legal Entity)

I.Documents on Mother Company

1.Two original lawyer’s legalization or notarization of the foreign company which should be endorsed by local China Embassy or Consulate within 6 months

2.Copy of the business license or certificate of incorporation of foreign company

3.The original and copy of minutes and resolutions from director board

4.Company seal from foreign company for stamping in the Incorporation Application Forms

5.Authorized signatory’s passport copy and basic info

6.Telephone&Fax Number, registered address of the foreign company

II. Documents On Shenzhen Company

1. Confirm company name, registered capital, business scope and company members---fill out the application form and confirmation letter

2. Passport copies and residential addresses of the shareholder, director, monitor, general manager and the legal representative

3. Presence of legal representative in Shenzhen government office with original passport

4.The lease contract of the registered address

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