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How to Relocate Company to Shenzhen

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If you are looking for transferring a foreign invested company from one city in China to another city(take Shenzhen for example here), these are the materials you need to prepare for the application:

Application Materials
1.A recent capital verification report issued by a accounting firm in China.
2.Certificate Of Approval for establishment of enterprises with foreign investment in the PRC
3.Power of attorney for the entrusted handler and the ID
4.Approval document issued by Shenzhen municipal environmental protection department if possible environment impact may be caused
5.Shareholder/legal representative ID
6.Application report on the foreign invested enterprise transferring to Shenzhen
7.Company articles of association
8.Business license copy
9.Enterprise establishment approval and change approval
10.Resolution of enterprise authority on moving to Shenzhen

Online application submission---Application materials on spot or mail submission---Check of application materials---Acceptance of application--- Review of application---Approval of application---Mail or on spot receiving the approval files

Once the application materials are submitted it takes around 8 working days to get it done.
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