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Shenzhen Import Export Trading Company Formation

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Shenzhen import export trading company formation enjoys a lot of benefits. The most common and acceptable business model for setting a trading business is trading WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise). This is a limited liability company with 100% shares owned by its foreign investors. It is crucial for a trading WFOE to be equipped with both an import and export license in order for it to be able to import or export commodities to and from China. The main reason for establishing an import export trading company not is to return VAT, which is the most common way for foreign investors to invest in a business in mainland China. 

Scope for Setting Up a Trading WFOE
1. Wholesale commodities;
2. Retail products;
3. Import to China;
4. Export to the outside of China;
5. Commission agency;
6. Sell on China online using, Tmall, JD, Taobao or Alibaba.

Setting up an Import Export Trading Company in Shenzhen
During the process of a trading WFOE company formation in Shenzhen, the business name will have to be made of four parts, namely, the administrative division, company name, industry characteristics and organizational form. For example, the “Shenzhen Guang Mao International Trade Co., Ltd.,”, in which “Shenzhen” will be the administrative division, “Guang Mao” is the company name, “International Trade” is the name of the industry, and “Co., Ltd” is the is the organization form.

According to practical experimentation, the minimum registered capital is closely linked with the real condition of the company which is to be on record. This includes, the current conditions of the primary products, services, enterprise business scale and proposed registration, including the different areas of the enterprise and the investor strength of your company.

If you are worried about having to navigate through the complexities of establishing a Trading WFOE in Shenzhen, Tannet is willing to help. We can take care of the whole registration process.

Import Export License Application
Import Export license is the necessary qualification certificate that a trading WFOE should equip with to operate import export business in China. A trading WFOE without the import/export license cannot engage in trading business in China. Required documents are listed below:

Passport or ID copy of Legal Representative;
Passport or ID copy of E-port Card Operator;
Permit of Opening the Bank Account;
Approval Certificate;
Business License;
Company Stamp;
Application Form;
Certificate of Registration of Customs Declaration Unit;
Record of Foreign Trade Operators;
Entry and Exit Inspection and Quarantine Inspection Enterprise-Record Form;
Electronic Port Card Reader / IC Card;
Foreign Currency Account.

A trading company can be used for Expanding your sourcing platform and direct control of logistics and quality control and Purchase for reselling products overseas. Import of goods to sell directly, either in wholesale or retail in China. With a team of experienced and highly qualified accountants and business consultants, Tannet is the one-stop solution that will be your gateway to mainland China and Hong Kong. We are glad to help you set up a business in China.

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