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Doing Business in Shenzhen: Benefits of a Shenzhen HuKou

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Doing business in Shenzhen with a Shenzhen Hukou will be much easier and can apply for various government subsidies if eligible. Hukou is a household registration system in China. What makes the Hukou system different from identification in other countries is that it determines an individual’s access to socioeconomic benefits and opportunities in China. The Hukou can impact a person’s education, housing, license plates, medical treatment, and monthly salary.

Benefits of Shenzhen Hukou
Shenzhen offers certain qualified applicants hukou benefits as part of its incentive program to attract talent. University graduates, returned overseas students, and new employees who have successfully registered with a Shenzhen hukou can apply for subsidies when renting a house in Shenzhen.

Qualified Shenzhen hukou holders can acquire progressively higher one-time housing subsidies depending on the level of their education:
1. RMB 15,000 for those with a bachelor’s degree;
2. RMB 25,000 for those with a master’s degree;
3. RMB 30,000 for those with a doctorate degree.

Additionally, several districts within Shenzhen offer separate subsidies for qualified talents that can be acquired in addition to the above-mentioned municipal-level subsidies.
1. Nanshan: Subsidy offered up to RMB 4,800 monthly for up to three years;
2. Futian: Subsidy offered between RMB 12,500 and 15,000 one time;
3. Longgang: Subsidy offered between RMB 15,000 and 30,000 one time;
4. Bao’an: Subsidy offered between RMB 15,000 and 30,000 one time;
5. Longhua: Subsidy offered between RMB 15,000 and 30,000 one time;

Besides housing subsidies, all Shenzhen hukou holders qualify for additional benefits:
1. Can apply for a Hong Kong pass and Taiwan pass easily; can go to Hong Kong multiple times each year and stay up to one week each time.
2. Children can go to a public school, can lower their tuition fee, and have an increased chance to attend university.
3. Can compete for the limited Shenzhen registered residence-only job positions, or work in Hong Kong while living in Shenzhen.
4. Higher pension fund and higher reimbursement for social insurance.

Who can apply for Shenzhen hukou?
There are several methods to apply for a Shenzhen hukou. The most common application methods are:
1. Point-based application;
2. Employed talents;
3. Overseas returnees;
4. Employee work transfer;
5. Newly graduated students;
6. Spouse/children of migrants;
7. Parents and elderly dependents of migrants;
8. PhD holders.

Of the various methods, the employed talents application, the point-based application, and the overseas returnees application are among the most popular. For detailed requirement of each of them, you may contact Tannet’s consultants.

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