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Trademark Subsidy in Shenzhen

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Trademark subsidy in Shenzhen was promulgated on 24 December 2014, which is in a validity of five years. In order to help Chinese enterprises enter the international market, the government has introduced a lot of support policies on overseas trademarks, among which Shenzhen grants the most subsidy. If there is no new measures announced, this policy will be expired at the end of this year. The time is running out, please hurry up if needed!

Requirements on Applicant
1. The enterprises, institutions, social organizations and other organizations registered in Shenzhen by law and with independent legal person qualifications, as well as project units explicitly supported by the municipal government;
2. The person who has registered residence in Shenzhen, or holds the Residence Permit for Talents in Shenzhen or Work Permit for Overseas Returnees and work in Shenzhen;
3. Full-time students studying at all levels of schools in Shenzhen, or full-time students who have registered residence in Shenzhen studying at all levels and different schools outside of Shenzhen (including overseas).

Overseas Trademark Subsidy Standards 
For the companies incorporate in Shenzhen or those who has a Shenzhen hukou, within one year after obtaining the certificate of overseas trademark registration, the applicant shall apply for a one-time subsidy in accordance with the following countries and regions, and the total amount of the annual grant of the same applicant shall not exceed RMB50,0000.

(1) Trademarks registered through EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office ) and OAPI (Organization for Intellectual Property of Africa ) will get a subsidy of RMB 10,000 per trademark;
(2) Trademarks registered in single country/region will get a subsidy of RMB5,000 per trademark;
(3) Trademarks registered in Taiwan and Macao will get a subsidy of RMB3,000 per trademark;
(4) Trademarks registered through Madrid System will get a subsidy of RMB2,000 per country/region, and altogether 20 countries can be applied for at most;
(5) Trademarks registered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Zone will get a subsidy of RMB1,000 per trademark.

As mentioned before, the subsidy measure is valid for five years. Therefore, you need to seize time if there is a need for such subsidy. Tannet can help you file the application. If you do not have an overseas trademark, Tannet can help you register one right now.

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