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Shenzhen Free Trade Zone Advantages

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Shenzhen Free Trade Zone is established to absorb more foreign investments into the China. Shenzhen is a national economic center and an international city designated by the State Council. It is the first exclusive economic zone in China's reform and opening up and creates the world-renowned "Shenzhen speed" in decades. Shenzhen has the most massive entry and an exit port in China and is also a vital border port city. Foreign companies in Shenzhen is widespread to see. Why doing business in Shenzhen Free Trade Zone? Please refer to the following explanation. 

1. Lower Tax Rate
As the name suggests, the Free Trade Zone boasts unmatched financial advantages and tax breaks that make doing business here a profitable venture. The corporate tax rate in Shenzhen Free Trade Zone is just 16.5% (as compared to the national average of 30%). This reduced tax presents businesses a golden opportunity to start and operate a company on Chinese soil.

2. Duty Free Warehousing
Gone are the days when you would have to devote hours of your time to figure the import tax and pay over the odds just to get your goods delivered as Shenzhen Free Trade Zone offers duty free warehousing.

All companies need to do get their goods into the country is to ship them directly to their respective FTZ warehouses and then list these products for sale in Mainland China. No import tax required!

3. Government Support
The Chinese government is well-renowned for its ability to attract foreign investors to the country by providing them incentives and grants. This fact is perfectly encapsulated by the fact that companies that operate in Shenzhen Free Trade Zone are given bonuses and grants to continue doing business in the country.

These monetary incentives are lucrative enough to convince even the most skeptical of investors as it encourages them to operate in Shenzhen Free Trade Zone.

For foreign businesses and investors, making the first move can be a pretty daunting task, especially if you go about it alone. However, you may turn to service agency for help, like Tannet. We have years of experience in the industry and have helped thousands of foreign business individuals and enterprises to enter the Chinese market. We offer a comprehensive range of company registration and company management services to clients both at home and abroad.

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