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Trademark Registration in Shenzhen

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Trademark registration in the name of Shenzhen company is highly recommended by Tannet, as there are considerable government subsidies to be granted. A trademark is a distinctive brand or mark used by business owners or enterprise to identify that the product or service originate from one and only source. In order for a foreign business to assert trademark rights in China, the first and most important step to take is to register the specific trademark. China recognizes a “first to file” system, which generally means that the trademark right belongs to the first person who properly registers the mark in China. Once registered, the mark is valid for 10 years.

Required Information for Registration
Generally speaking, the following information are required for registering a trademark in Shenzhen.
(1) Business Registration Certificate / Certificate of Incorporation (for corporate applicant);
(2) ID card, passport or other valid identity certificates (for individual applicant);
(3) Application form and Power of Attorney (provided by Tannet);
(4) Trademark drawings;
(5) List of goods and services.

Procedures for Registration
The procedures for registering a trademark in China is more or less the same as that of the other countries. If everything goes smoothly, the whole process will be quite simple and clear.

1. Conduct pre-filing trademark search;
2. Confirmation of availability;
3. Submission of trademark registration application forms ;
4. Official examination of register;
5. Publication in Government Gazette (if accepted);
6. Issuance of Certificate of Registration (if no objections received).

Subsidies Offered to Shenzhen Enterprises
Intellectual property (IP) is a longstanding, critical concern for companies operating in China. Through years, China has attached great importance on intellectual property rights protection. And in order to promote the IP development, the government has launched a number of incentives. Enterprise should seize this great opportunity.

Within one year after obtaining the certificate of overseas trademark registration, the applicant shall apply for a one-time subsidy in accordance with the following countries and regions, and the total amount of the annual grant of the same applicant (including enterprises and groups) shall not exceed RMB50,0000.

(1) Trademarks registered in EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) and OAPI (Organization for Intellectual Property of Africa ) will get RMB 10000 of subsidy per trademark;
(2) Trademarks registered in single country/region will get RMB5000 of subsidy per trademark;
(3) Trademarks registered in Taiwan and Macao will get RMB3000 of subsidy per trademark;
(4) Trademarks registered through Madrid System will get RMB2000 of subsidy per country/region, and altogether 20 countries can be applied for at most;
(5) Trademarks registered in Hong Kong Special Administrative Zone will get RMB1000 of subsidy per trademark.

Tannet’s Trademark-related Services
Tannet’s trademark-related services in Shenzhen and other regions in mainland China, as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are listed below:

1. Trademark Search;
2. Trademark Application;
3. Trademark Refusal Analysis and Defense;
4. Trademark Opposition Analysis and Response;
5. Change of Applicant's Information;
6. Trademark Monitoring;
7. Trademark Renewal;
8. Trademark Transfer/Assignment;
9. Application for government subsidy (for overseas trademark registration in the name of Shenzhen company).

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