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Shenzhen Business Registration

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Shenzhen business registration also refers to register a company in Shenzhen. Shenzhen is a major city in Guangdong Province, China. It forms part of the Pearl River Delta megalopolis. The city is located immediately north of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and holds sub-provincial administrative status.

Due to the rapid development of Shenzhen’s economy, the city has one of the largest economy in the world. It has a higher proportion of manufacturing, export and import and many investors take advantage of this to find the right business opportunities in Shenzhen.

Benefits of Shenzhen Business Registration
Through the Shenzhen company registration, you will benefit more from the easy and fast process of registration requirements that include the following:

(1) Meeting the capital requirements registered in setting up and establishing a company;
(2) Easing the registration requirements of business premise;
(3) Simplifying the requirements of registration of business premises;
(4) Reducing business set-up costs;
(5) Helping in import/export business or international trading;
(6) Saving more money and time logistically.

Relevant Materials Needed for WFOE Registry in Shenzhen
Gathering the documentary evidence needed to apply for a WFOE (wholly foreign owned enterprises) is difficult and time-consuming. Generally, the following documents from you in order to open a WFOE in Shenzhen:

(1) Company director/s passport copies;
(2) Legal representative's passport copy and details;
(3) Company office lease rental contract;
(4) Business feasibility report;
(5) Chinese name of company;
(6) Business scope;
(7) Registration capital proof;
(8) Copies of overseas company registration documents (if company is opening WFOE);
(9) Audited accounts of overseas company (if company is opening WFOE).

Registration Procedures for A WFOE
The following steps are included when opening a WFOE:
(1) Supply all government forms required;
(2) Assist in filling them out correctly;
(3) Name registration with State Administration of Industry and Commerce (SAIC);
(4) Assist in helping you find suitable business premises within your budget;
(5) Apply to open a WFOE at the local Administration for Industry and Commerce for you, be that Shenzhen or Guangzhou;
(6) Apply for business license;
(7) Apply for the Organisation Code Certificate from the Technical Supervision Bureau;
(8) Assist in registering with the Shenzhen State Tax Bureau and Shenzhen Local Tax Bureau - or same for Guangzhou;
(9) Assist in the creation of your Chinese company seal;
(10) Register with local statistics bureau;
(11) Open a Chinese corporate bank account (foreign currency and CNY);
(12) Apply for authorization to print or purchase financial invoices (fapiao);
(13) Purchase uniform invoices;
(14) Register with the local career service center (for staff hiring);
(15) Register with Social Welfare Insurance Center.

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