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Shenzhen Company Deregistration (FIE)

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Shenzhen company dereigstration is also called Shenzhen company cancellation, Shenzhen company dissolution, Shenzhen company liquidation, etc. When a company decided to cease business in Shenzhen or elsewhere in China, it must go through the process of deregistration. If you are considering close up your foreign invested enterprise (FIE) in Shenzhen, you can refer to the following exposition.

Documents for cancellation of a foreign invested enterprise
1. An application report on the advance termination of the contract and the early dissolution of the enterprise (with the signature of the legal representative and the company seal);
2. Resolution by the organ of power of the enterprise on the advance termination of the contract and the early dissolution of the enterprise (with the signature of the members of the organ of power of the enterprise);
3. Enterprise cancellation approval and other modification approvals; (1 copy of each)
4. Original contract and articles of association approved by the approving authority; (foreign invested enterprises needn't to submit the contract)
5. A copy of the business license;
6. Certificate of Approval; (original and copy)
7. Audit report of the recent financial year issued by the CPA firms in China (1 copy).

General Procedures
The procedures for closing up a foreign invested enterprise in China are as follows:
1. Submit the above-mentioned documents;
2. Deliver the record filing of the liquidation group to the Market Supervision and Administration;
3. Publication (the cancellation announcement or the liquidation announcement);
4. Cancellation tax registration at the local taxation bureau; (depending on the situation, it is usually about three months.)
5. Cancellation tax registration at state taxation bureau;
6. Close the bank account; (appro. 10 working days)
7. Cancellation of business license;(receipt will be issued in 1 working day);
8. Cancellation of organization code;
9. Write off the company seal.

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