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Qianhai Business Setup Advantages

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Qianhai business setup attracts more and more investors in recent years, and Qianhai has become a hot business gathering area. So what are the advantages of registering a Qianhai company? Why do so many people like to register a company in Qianhai? Let's take a look at the advantages of registering a Qianhai company.

By fostering services, and offering opportunities for companies involved in green energy projects, cultural services, etc, the chance to win investment, as well as being a place to attract more foreign experts by offering tax breaks, QianHai is almost unique in China. It’s especially unusual due to its fairly close mirroring of Hong Kong and its systems in many ways.

QianHai, like Hong Kong, offers:
1. Strong financial incentives and infrastructure;
2. Low income tax burden for individuals and businesses;
3. Access to international and Hong Kong banking for business;
4. Relatively easy environment in which to obtain talent needed for service businesses.

However, QianHai is perhaps preferable to Hong Kong due to:
1. Lower labour costs;
2. Lower rental costs;
3. Closer proximity to mainland China manufacturing;
4. Lower corporate tax for businesses;
5. Many financial incentives for businesses and individuals.

Another interesting element to mention about QianHai is that the barriers for Hong Kong businesses to open offices there have been lowered, as well as tele-coms companies, banks, education and health service providers.

In order to attract businesses, QianHai offers:
A corporate income tax rate of just 15% (lower than Hong Kong’s 16.5%);
The Shenzhen-Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub (a large startup incubator);
Free housing and office space for one year for entrepreneurs (dependent on age and industry) who open companies there;
A fund to offer low-cost loans to startups;
Easy access to VC firms due to them being given preferential policies;
Individual tax for foreign experts lowered to 15% in comparison to China’s usual 25% rate;
High tech and animation industries are exempt from business tax for 2 years from when they become profitable, and then it is charged at 50% for the following 3 years;
Development of certain green technologies, such as water-saving, is tax deductible;
Loans in foreign currency, such as HK$.

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