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Qianhai Company Registration Requirements

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Qianhai company registration requirements are important for investors to take into consideration before setting up a business there. If your company is a service, technology, science, finance, IT, or logistics business, then QianHai may well be ideal! It is clear that for foreign service industry businesses QianHai could be a very good option for their China companies due to its financial benefits.

I. Company Members
Members must meet the requirements:
1. Shareholder: at least one shareholder. Both enterprise or individual are acceptable.
2. Supervisor: if there is only one shareholder, another person is needed to be the supervisor, if two or more shareholders, one of them can be served as supervisor.
3. Legal representative: both shareholders, directors are acceptable, but supervisors can not serve as legal representative.

II. Registered Capital
1. The registered capital of companies registered in Qianhai area does not need to be paid-in. But those special industries including financial leasing company, financial factoring companies need to be pain-in according to regulations.
2. The share capital shall not be less than RMB5 million.

III. Registered Address
Qianhai company to be registered in Qianhai Commercial Secretary Center need to provide the following information:
1. The orginal certificates of business place (such as property ownership certificate, certificate for site usage, leasing documents) need to be checked, and the copies need to be submited;
2. The orginal ID cards of the legal representative and the directors need to be checked, and the copies need to be submited.

Note: This policy is implented from November 27, 2017.

IV. Business Scope
In Qianhai cooperation zone, with the modern service industry as the key point, develop finance, modern logistics, information services, science and technology services and other professional services in an innovative way. At present, the scope of business listed in the preferential catalogue are: modern logistics, information services, scientific and technological services, cultural and creative services.

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