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Shenzhen Company Registration Requirements

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Shenzhen company registration can also be referred to as Shenzhen business setup. Shenzhen, fulfilling its role as China's 'Silicon Valley,' is now making it easier for foreign start-ups to incorporate here. Due to the rapid development of Shenzhen’s economy, the city has one of the largest economy in the world. It has a higher proportion of manufacturing, export and import and many investors take advantage of this to find the right business opportunities in Shenzhen. That is to say, registering a Shenzhen company is a good choice for the foreign investor.

Shenzhen Company Registration Requirements
1. Company Members
Generally speaking, two persons can incorporate a domestic-funded company in Shenzhen. For a Shenzhen company, there must be a supervisor, a legal representative, a shareholder and an executive director. Anyone can be the supervisor expect the management. The legal representative can be the director or the shareholder. If there is only one shareholder, there need another person act as the supervisor. If two or more shareholders are involved, one of them may serve as a supervisor.

2. Company Name
In China, the name of the company has certain limitation. In the same industry, the business name can not be repeated, neither do the business establishment. Each name is verified after the confirmation and reservation of the administration for industry and commerce. Many factors should be taken into account when naming a company.

3. Business Scope
The scope of business refers to the specific operation of the local enterprises in Shenzhen. The scope of operation of the domestic funded enterprises in Shenzhen is not directly limited by the name of the company, but it is restricted by the registered capital. The scope of operation is divided into two categories: the general management project and the special scope of operation.

(1) General business projects do not need the permission for approval. The commercial subject can operate freely after dealing with the business license and obtaining the qualification of the commercial subject. If the business subject of commercial subject involves the approval of the relevant department in accordance with the law, it must apply to the relevant departments. After obtaining the approval document, it can be operated accordingly.

(2) Special business projects (such as banks, securities companies, insurance companies, foreign investment enterprises, accounting firms, etc.) need to get relevant approval documents before applying for the business license.

4. Required Materials
(1) Company name;
(2) Paid-in capital, ratio of contributions and business scope;
(3) Original and copy of the ID Card of the legal representative and the director; If there is a board of directors, it is necessary to provide copies of the identity cards of all the directors;
(4) ID copy, address, contact information of the supervisor;
(5) Originals of the Leasing certificate and leasing contract.

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