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Shenzhen Domestic-funded Company Deregistration

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Shenzhen domestic-funded company deregistration is the most cost-efficient method of winding up an entity since it removes the requirement to pay ongoing annual company maintenance fees, like the annual return etc. Below are the material required for company deregistration and consequences of abnormal accounting and tax filing.

Materials Need for Deregistration
1. Business License (original and copy);
2. Tax Registration Certificate (original and copy) (if any);
3. Organization Code Certificate (original and copy) (if any);
4. Official seal, financial seal, invoice seal, customs seal and other seals;
5. Registration Certificate of seal carving (if any);
6. Accounting statement, account book, voucher, bank statement and tax return form in the last three years;
7. Rental contracts and rental invoices in the last three years;
8. Duty paid certificate in the last three years;
9. Other documents of the company (such as customs declaration certificate, pre or post approval documents, etc.);
10. Local tax password.

In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the newly registered company must declare the operation of the company to the tax bureau every month from the 15th working days of the establishment of the company. No matter whether the company is profitable or not, as well as whether there involves business activities, even if there is no income, it should do zero declaration, and establish their own accounting vouchers according to the company's tax and operating conditions.

Consequences of abnormal accounting and tax filing
1. Cannot declare industrial and commercial annual report and change business;
2. Cannot borrow to buy a house;
3. Cannot do immigration;
4. Cannot receive endowment insurance;
5. RMB 2000 or more will be fined by the tax authorities;
6. The legal representative will be listed in the blacklist, and cannot leave the country, or take the plane and high speed train;
7. The legal representative will be monitored, and other companies associated with it will be affected as well;
8. Cannot enjoy government subsidies;
9. Cannot open the corporate bank account.

Why Choose Tannet
1. The accounting work will not be interrupted;
2. Tax declaration will be timely and accurate;
3. Excellent professional quality;
4. Cost-saving and efficient;
5. There is no need to consider the housing, medical treatment, social insurance, relocation and adjustment of the accounting personnel.

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