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Wuxi Company Registration

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Wuxi company registration is one of Tannet’s business investment services in Yangtze River Delta. Wuxi is an old city in southern Jiangsu province, China. The city borders two other large cities, Changzhou to the west and Suzhou to the east. Wuxi is well known for being one of the birthplaces of China's modern industry and commerce, as well as the hometown of many important businessmen who have played essential roles in building commerce in Shanghai since the early 20th century.

Wuxi has excellent geographical conditions, and the business environment there is very good. Such a business environment is very conducive to business and financial services, giving enterprises great competitiveness. Stable economic environment is more conducive to the survival and development of enterprises. Many entrepreneurs are not so clear about what steps they should take when registering a company in Wuxi. Below is a brief introduction to the Wuxi business incorporation.

Required Materials for Wuxi Company Registration
1. several proposed company names;
2. original ID card of legal representative and shareholders;
3. registered capital of Wuxi company and proportion of shareholders' contribution (No capital verification required);
4. business scope and office address.

Wuxi Company Registration Process
The first step is company name approval. The applicant must first go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau and get an enterprise name pre-approved application form, and then fill in the relevant information. Note that when filling out the company name, be sure to prepare several alternatives, because once the name is similar to other companies, the applicant must choose again, which will take a lot of time. If the company name is approved, the applicant will obtain a notice of name approval issued by Industrial and Commercial Bureau.

Secondly, to complete the registration formalities, one must have the actual office. You can rent an office. It's acceptable if you have a plant. Some people will use the office of residential buildings, but some areas are not allowed such office, so we must first login Industrial and Commercial Bureau website to search the specific information before registration. Next is getting code certificate, tax registration certificate and opening bank account. The company registration needs to go through the above process and takes a certain amount of time.

After the completion of company registration, you will get the following documents:
1. The original and photocopy of the business license;
2. The original and photocopy of the organization code certificate;
3. The original and photocopy of the tax registration certificate;
4. Company seals (including official seal, financial seal, legal representative seal, contract seal and Fapiao seal);
5. Articles of association, resolutions of the shareholders' meeting, executive directors' decisions;
6. Other documents and vouchers.

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