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China Trademark Registration

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China trademark registration is one of Tannet's intellectual property services for global investors to protect their trademark and add value to their businesses. A trademark is a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others. The trademark owner can be an individual, business organization, or any legal entity. For the sake of corporate identity, trademarks are often displayed on company buildings. It identifies the brand owner of a particular product or service.

Types of Signs Can Be Registered
Any visual sign, if it can be used to distinguish the goods or service of one natural person, legal entity or any other organization from that of others, including any word, design, letters of an alphabet, numerals, three-dimensional symbol, combinations of colors, and their combination, may be filed for registration.

One important change is that before 2002, three-dimensional symbols or combinations of colors could not be registered trademarks in China, and now this category is readily available. Needless to say that, some special words or symbols, like countries names, international organizations names and symbols, such as the Red Cross, may not be registered as trademarks.

Materials Required for Filing 
(1) A simply signed Power of Attorney (POA).
(2) A duly completed trademark search/registration order form.
(3) A soft copy of the trademark in JPEG format.
(4) A copy of identity proof of the applicant (passport for individuals and Business Registration Certificate/Certificate of Incorporation for companies).
(5) A priority document when priority is claimed. The document can be filed within 3 months after the filing date of the application (extra charge will be charged for filing priority claim documents).

Trademark Duration and Renewal
The period of validity of a registered trademark shall be ten years, counted from the date of approval of the registration.

If the registrant intends to continue to use of the registered trademark beyond the expiration of the period of validity, an application for renewal of the registration shall be made within six months before the said expiration. Where no application therefore has been filed within the said period, a grace period of six months may be allowed. If no application has been filed at the expiration the grace period, the registered trademark shall be cancelled.

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