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Wuxi Investment Climate

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Wuxi, located at the southern part of Jiangsu Province and in the middle of Yangtze River Delta, is an important economic city and the hub of communications in China. It covers a total area of 4788 square kilometers, among which the downtown area is 1622 square kilometers. It holds a total population of 4528.4 thousand, among which downtown population is about 2284.9 thousand. It has the jurisdiction of Jiangyin, Yixing cities and 7 districts ( including Xishan, Huishan, Binhu, Chong’an, Nanchang, Beitang, WND).

Wuxi’s position on the map of China: away from Shanghai 127 square kilometers in the East, bordering on Suzhou; next to Taihu Lake, the third fresh water lake, facing Zhejiang Province in the South; away from Nanjing 183 square kilometers in the West, bordering Chanzhou; close to Yangtze River in the North, neighboring Zhang Jia Gang Port. Wuxi has a convenient transportation, sea, land and air, with Huning Railway spanning across east and west, Jinghang Great Canal running through north and south.

In recent years, Wuxi has become a major manufacturing base in the YRD area in recent years and is also developing production-oriented services to help transform the city into an international manufacturing base with a business-friendly environment. The city is also placing priority on the environment, with several proposed projects being rejected on the grounds of pollution concerns, whilst existing heavy polluters will not be allowed to expand their businesses.

Investment Procedure by Foreign Investors
The foreign investors who want invest in Wuxi may go through investment procedure as following:
A. Consult or negotiate with the investment administration organization, as usual, Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce.
B. Submit the relevant application documents to the investment administration organization. Upon approval by the concerned departments, Wuxi Municipal Government shall issue the approval certificate. Investors apply for vista in local consulate and get access to visit China after approval.
C. Within one month after approval, submit the certificate issued by Wuxi Municipal Government to register with the industrial and commercial administrations for a business license. After registration in Commerce Bureau and customs and opening bank account upon the business license issued by the industrial and commercial administrations, the enterprise may start operation.

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