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Suzhou Hi-tech District Introduction

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The Suzhou National Hi-tech District is established by Suzhou municipal party committee and government for promotion of social and economic development. In recent years, Suzhou SND focuses on economic growth, improvement of people’s well-being, environment protection and civilized society promotion, under the principles of giving priorities to scientific development, ecological protection, people’s livelihood and rule of law. 

1. Prioritize scientific and technological development to invigorate the economy
Much progress has been achieved in implementation of innovation-driven strategy and acceleration of innovative economy. Five emerging industries including information technology, rail transportation, medical equipment, new energy and geographic information is booming. The share of output value of strategic emerging industry and high-tech industries in industries above designated sizes are 55% and 52% respectively. SND has witnessed an accumulation of 358 high-tech enterprises, 633 leading talents.

Industries and companies which have R&D institutes account for 68% of those above designated sizes. There are 7 scientific and technological transformation companies set by SIBET, 17 companies set by Suzhou Science and Technology Industry Base of GEO-information& Culture, 600 research people in Post-Doctoral Research Center in Suzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute of Zhejiang University and CMCC research center. 

2. Prioritize ecological protection and sustainable development for beautiful environment
White House Ravine Ecological Garden, Dayangshan National Forest Park and Taihu Lake Scenic Zone have been a highlight of ecological construction of Suzhou. SND’s forest coverage is over 26%, green coverage 46%, per capita public green area 14.8 square meters. We intensify our efforts in Infrastructure building.

The Middle Ring Road SND section, westward extension of Majian Road, Yangshan Ring Road, metro Line1and Suzhou western transportation hub have put in service. We speed up the construction of metro Line1 extension and metro Line2. We have achieved a full coverage of National Sanity Villages and an honorary title of Green Ecological Demonstration Area.

3. Enhance the capability of people-oriented and inclusive development
Suzhou Science and Technology Town Hospital and BenQ Medical Center have put into operation; the establishment of SND Cultural and Sports Center has completed. Suzhou SND has rated as a district of balanced development of compulsory education.

We are committed to innovating community governance. Our mechanisms of community grid management and that of traffic accidents handling involving PSB, court, Bureau of Justice and insurance company have been introduced across the country. For all the hard work we have done, SND have acclaimed as a model district of social comprehensive management, and Shishan Sub-district and Shihu Community as a model of national harmonious community.

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