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Ningbo Corporate Formation

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Ningbo Corporate Formation is a popular choice for foreigners, especially British people. Ningbo is a major recipient of foreign investment and has an optimal location for companies involved in international trade. It is also within one hour of Yiwu, Taizhou and Shaoxing.

Advantages of Ningbo Corporate Formation
Ningbo should be top of the list for foreign businesses who are looking to get a foothold in the China market. Below are some of its strengths.
(1) Logistics. With 744 million tonnage passing though per year, the Ningbo Zhoushan port is the busiest in the world! Much of China’s import and export goes through this dock. For a company which trades goods, Ningbo is a logical place to set up!

(2) Close to Shanghai but better quality of life. Thanks to the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, it takes 2.5 hours to get to Shanghai. As the ‘business capital’, it is important have easy access to Shanghai. By setting up in Ningbo, business people can make a trip to Shanghai with little effort whilst enjoying the benefits of a smaller city such as cheaper rent, better quality of life and the fact that there is less international competitors based in Ningbo.

(3) One of China’s most affluent cities. For companies looking to tap into the Chinese consumer market, Ningbo is very well situated. If Zhejiang (Ningbo’s province) was a country it would be ranked 24th in the world. Four of the top 20 richest cities are less than 3 hours away (Ningbo, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Wenzhou).

(4) Educated work force: Thanks to the University of Nottingham’s campus, each year a thousand or so British educated Chinese students graduate. This makes Ningbo one of the best places to recruit highly skilled people with an understanding of how business is done in the west.

Ningbo Corporate Formation Registered Capital
No minimum registered capital is required for WFOEs with scope of business of consulting, Trading, retailing, information technology etc. in Ningbo. There are minimum registered capital still required for some sectors, for instance, Banking, Forwarding, education etc.

Since Ningbo still maintains foreign currency control policy, it's still advisable to choose registered capital within RMB 100,000 (approx. Euro 11,600 or USD 15,000)- RMB 500,000 (approx.Euros 58,000 or USD 75,000) as the minimum registered capital for Consulting WFOE, Service WFOE, Hi-Tech WFOE registration in Ningbo.

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