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Company Registration in Hainan Ecological Software Park

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Company registration in Hainan Ecological Software Park is highly recommended for investors who are going to set up a business in this promising tropical island. Hainan Ecological Software Park (hereinafter referred to as the “Park”) is a key cultural and industrial demonstration park in Hainan province. Since 2011, the number of enterprises entering the Park has reached 400, and over 4000 employees have been employed.

Advantages of Hainan Ecological Software Park
1. Unique location: Located on the west side of Hainan Island with convenient transportation.
2. Characteristic industrial layout which integrates work, life, business, leisure, education and medical care.
3. Perfect supporting facilities: To create a good working and living environment for attracting talents and better serving the enterprises, the Park attaches great importance to the construction of life supporting service facilities.
4. Various preferential policies ranging from talents, industry, financing, tax, etc.

One-stop Company Registration Service
On October 30, 2015, the Park took the lead in operating the first industrial park - "Enterprise Service Supermarket" in the province, which is located on the first floor of the incubation building of the software park, with a construction area of about 3300 square meters. There are industrial and commercial bureau, public security bureaus, banks and law firms. Businesses that can be handled include enterprise establishment, tax declaration and invoicing, employee social security payment and provident fund processing, bank account opening, third-party agency accounting, etc.

1. Company Incorporation
The establishment of an enterprise includes the whole process of name approval, seal-engraving, record-keeping and account opening. The working time is shortened in one week.

2. Tax Declaration
Tax declaration can be filed within the Park. Enterprises that run business outside the Park can be handled by agents.

3. Talent Service
This includes residence permit consultation, children's admission consultation, settlement and other business.

4. Financial Service
The four major state-owned banks all have service counters with the Park, which can handle financing, loans, consulting and other public financial businesses.

5. Social Security Management
This includes social security registration, monthly declaration, flexible employment payment and other businesses.

Tannet has established three branches in Hainan in order to better serve those investors doing business there. We have a strong team of English-speaking consultants who are glad to provide you with one-stop business solutions.

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