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Taiwan Free Trade Zone Introduction

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Taiwan is an island in East Asia, located 180 kilometers off the southeastern coast of mainland China across the Taiwan Strait. It has an area of 35,883 km2 and spans the Tropic of Cancer. The East China Sea lies to the north, the Philippine Sea to the east, the Luzon Strait directly to the south and the South China Sea to the southwest. Taiwan proper makes up 99% of the territory of the Free Area controlled by the Republic of China since the ROC lost its mainland China territory in the Chinese Civil War and fled to the island in 1949; the ROC itself is commonly referred to as simply "Taiwan".

Taiwan is a tilted fault block, characterized by the contrast between the eastern two-thirds, consisting mostly of five rugged mountain ranges parallel to the east coast, and the flat to gently rolling plains of the western third, where the majority of Taiwan's population reside. There are several peaks over 3,500 m, the highest being Yu Shan at 3,952 meters (12,966 ft.), making Taiwan the world's fourth-highest island.

Free Trade Zone is a specific class of special economic zone where goods may be landed, stored, handled, manufactured, or reconfigured, and re-exported under specific customs regulation and generally not subject to customs duty. In Taiwan, there are seven (7) free trade zone which consists of six sea ports and one airport.

Taiwan Free Trade Zone
1. Keelung Free Trade zone.
It is located in north of Taiwan and it is the oldest free trade zone in Taiwan with an area of 71.16 hectares. This free trade zone is suitable for businesses those are dealing with storage, logistics, assembling, rallying, packaging, simple processing, freight forwarding, transshipment, and transport.

2. Kaohsiung Port Free Trade Zone.
It is located in south of Taiwan and it is one of the largest free trade zone in Taiwan. It occupied 415 hectares and it is connecting to mainland China, Japan and ASEAN countries. This port is suited to business with steal shipping, ship building and biotechnology businesses.

3. Taichung Port Free Trade Zone.
It is located in center of Taiwan, covered 536 hectares in Taiwan. It is situated between Shanghai- Hong Kong shipping route, Taichung Airport and the harbors of China. It is suitable for multinational businesses which involved and needed warehousing and logistics.

4. Taipei Port Free Trade Zone.
This free trade zone occupied 79 hectares and it is near to both Taipei and Taoyuan International Airport. There are plans to develop large container terminal, bulk venter and oil storage center in this zone for the purpose of offshore warehousing, hydrophilic recreation, recreational shipping and logistics center development. It is suited for automobile logistics and chemical oils.

5. Suao Port Free Trade Area.
It covered 71.5 hectares and having one container yard and two logistic zones. This free trade zone is expected to become a green industry cluster and therefore suitable for company in green energy industries.

6. Anping Port Free Trade Zone.
This port occupied 72.1 hectares of lands and it is located near various industrial zones and Tainan Airport. It also allowed for the creation of incessant production advantage and shorten the goods supply time while saving transportation costs through the implementation of ‘front store back factory’.

7. Taoyuan Air Cargo Park Free Trade Area.
It is located on the edge of Taoyuan International Airport and closest to the Taipei. It consists of air cargo station, storage buildings, value add parks, logistics centers and operation centers. It is commonly used by high value add electronic components and IT industry’s companies.

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