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Hainan Company Tax Filing

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Tax filing is an important issue after the business setup in Hainan and other regions in China. Tax filing generally refers to report filed with a national or local tax authority for determining the amount of taxation, usually consisting of forms completed by a taxpayer. According to the Chinese law, the taxpayer must file its tax return within the prescribed time, no matter whether it has business turnover.

Common Tax Categories in China
1. Value added tax (VAT)
Most trading company registered in China will apply for the general VAT as it can ask for some tax refund or tax rebate from tax bureau and pay less to tax bureau, Tannet can help with the tax refund certificate registration with tax bureau and help with the monthly tax refund or tax rebate.

2. Business taxes (BT)
Business tax is taxable based on non-VAT revenue. This is normally service revenue. It is calculated using non-VAT revenue multiplied by the business tax rate of the related industry. The WFOE should prepare and submit the business tax return to the tax authorities. Nowadays for many sectors the business tax has converted to VAT tax to be declared with China National and local tax bureau.

3. Corporate income tax(CIT)
Corporate income tax is based on the net profit of the China WFOE. The trading WFOE should prepare the Corporate Income Tax return every quarter even if its financial result shows a loss.

Outsourcing Accounting and Tax Filing
Professional agency bookkeeping service not only saves costs but also ensures compliance with accounting standards. In addition, such service also helps improve business management and profitability through professional analysis and suggestions made based on relevant information.

Small business owners have had three options when it comes to business bookkeeping: handle themselves, utilize online bookkeeping programs or outsource to a CPA. Small businesses embrace online tools for their lower dollar cost, but without accounting expertise, spend valuable time trying to figure out tasks in desperate need of a human being for guidance. CPAs, however, are expensive and localized. By using outsourced accounting and tax services to professional financial consultants, you can focus your attention on business operation while saving money.

Tannet’s Services
1. Accounting and bookkeeping;
2. Annual tax report and audit report;
3. Monthly tax filing and tax return;
4. Tax budget and tax planning;
5. Tax refund and tax rebate;
6. Other financial assistance.

Contact Us
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