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Dongguan Company Annual Filing

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Dongguan company annual filing refers to a comprehensive report, including the most relevant basic information of this company, which is mandatory for maintenance of a company in Dongguan every year. 

Dongguan Company Annual Filing- General Information
An annual filing report means a statutory document filed with local company registry department, which is required to submit before June of every year. For failure to submitting it may lead to penalties or entering into the black list of the local government, so that it may bring negative impact on your company’s normal operation.

Required documents for Annual Filing
There is some main required information for the purpose of Dongguan company annual filing:
a. Types of business your company belongs to;
b. Registered address of your company located at;
c. Particulars of all members of your company.

FIEs in China are required to undergo an annual cooperative inspection jointly conducted by several governmental departments of the State Council. These inspections are designed to ensure that FIEs conducting businesses in China are fulfilling the legal commitments they make to each of the departments. Each year from March to the end of June, the annual inspection is jointly hosted by the following governmental departments:

Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM);
Ministry of Finance (MoF);
Administration of Industry and Commerce (AIC);
State Administration of Taxation (SAT);
State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE);
Statistical Bureau.

Note that the annual inspection required by the SAT is only a review of the tax registration certificate, and is different from the CIT reconciliation. The inspections of AIC and SAFE (see below) are usually more complicated than others and may require additional separate procedures being conducted. Regional variances also exist. WFOEs with branches should pay special attention to ensuring that their branches also undergo annual inspection.

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