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Dongguan Business Setup Advantages

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Dongguan business setup is also known as Dongguan company registration, Donguan corporate formation or Dongguan company incorporation. Dongguan is a prefecture-level city in central Guangdong Province of South China. An important industrial city in the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan borders the provincial capital of Guangzhou to the north, Huizhou to the northeast, Shenzhen to the south, and the Pearl River to the west. Recently, it announced new incentives to encourage companies to set up headquarters in the city. 

Incentives for establishing a business in Dongguan
1. Financial rewards
The municipal government will offer a one-time reward of RMB 2 million to RMB 100 million to companies that relocate their headquarters to Dongguan, depending on the size and nature of their investment.

Companies with functional headquarters in the city will be able to receive rewards between RMB 1 million and RMB 50 million.

Further, companies that have already established headquarters in Dongguan may be eligible for a reward of up to RMB 50 million based on the company’s contributions to the city’s economy over the past five years.

2. Preferential measures on land, office space and talents
According to a policy document, the Dongguan government hopes to attract over 100 headquarters by 2025. To this end, Dongguan will target the top 100 firms in Guangdong and the top 500 firms in China to relocate to the city.

By attracting headquarters, the Dongguan government hopes to diversify its economy by facilitating the growth of service industries and R&D to complement its already robust manufacturing base. The recent announcement by Dongguan’s city government will certainly increase its attractiveness to both local and foreign investors alike.

Strategically located between Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Dongguan presents low industrial land costs in comparison to its two neighbors, and offers the competitive advantage of having one of the lowest labor costs even compared to other cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, such as Foshan, Zhuhai, and Zhongshan. A key part of Dongguan’s success will be continued integration into the surrounding Greater Bay Area urban cluster.

In fact, Dongguan is not the only Chinese city that is offering incentives for setting up headquarters. Earlier this month, Sanya and Haikou in Hainan province unveiled their own incentive packages to attract business startups. Earlier in this year, Tannet has established branches in Haikou and Sanya to better serve entrepreneurs from both home and abroad. Should you have any interest in investing in this tropical land, Tannet is here to assist you.

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