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Dongguan Business Setup (WFOE)

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Dongguan business setup (WFOE) has become one of the most common and popular way to start a new business in China, due to its relatively comprehensive supplier source of trading and manufacturing business.

Essential Information for Dongguan WFOE Setting up
WFOE, refers to Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise, which is a type of business wholly owned by investors out of Chinese mainland. You should decide some essential information of your company like Company name, registered address, registered capital, business scope, etc.

Procedures before WFOE Setting-up
1. To make market research or feasibility study
Before starting your business, market research or feasibility study is necessary for you to make, so that you can put your focus on one certain industry. In doing so, a basic understanding for your business potentials in Dongguan can help you better decide your investment plan.

2. To locate the registered address
Once your business potential confirmed, you need to locate your company’s office at a certain place of Dongguan. It is not necessary for you to restrict your option to the major business centers.

3. To decide investors and investment
To decide investors is one of the most important issue for you to decide, since you can choose the way between individual investors or legal entity you ever have. Meanwhile, you also need to confirm the amount of your investment, for which the market research or feasibility study could be your reference. 

4. To protect your intellectual property.
Before your company registration, you can even start to protect your intellectual property like trademark, patent and copyright registration, since the process for IP registration is longer than that of the former. In this way, sometimes, you may even use your trade name to register the company. 

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